National Volunteer Blood Donor Month

January 4, 2019 — This January, the American Red Cross celebrates National Blood Donor Month and recognizes the life-saving contribution from blood and platelet donors. As we begin the New Year, the Red Cross encourages individuals to resolve to roll up a sleeve to give this month and throughout 2019. National Blood Donor Month has been observed in January... Read More

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

December 3, 2018 — What makes January 1st such a special time to make a change in our lives, and why can it be so difficult to maintain that change? There are a number of key reasons that apply to some, if not all, of the broken resolutions. We are not being realistic when we make the commitment. Everyone... Read More

Hot Chocolate Mix

December 3, 2018 — Ingredients: 11 cups powdered milk 1 cup confectioners’ sugar 11 ounces powdered coffee creamer 2 lbs nestle’ nesquick powdered chocolate milk mix 4 tbsp cocoa powder 1 box instant chocolate pudding Preparation: Mix all together Store in airtight containers Use 1/3 mix to 2/3 water when making hot chocolate

Success Story: Lola D.

December 3, 2018 — Lola was admitted to Regency Park due to a fall that resulted in a hip fracture. Lola came to us with poor balance & stability. She required minimum assistance with dressing due to her pain with the hip fracture. Lola received physical therapy for five times per week for four weeks. Following her physical therapy... Read More

Special Events for December

December 3, 2018 — On December 17th we will be having our Christmas Party with “Elvis”. Please come enjoy “Elvis” singing Christmas carols and party with the residents. “Elvis” will star singing at 7:00 p.m. Then on December 20th, Santa will be joining us to pass out presents. If you would like to have a present presented to your... Read More

Resident Spotlight

December 3, 2018 — Rita S. – This month’s Resident in the Spotlight is Rita S. Rita has been a resident of Regency Park since 2018. She says that Regency is a nice place to work and has really nice people working and living here. Rita was raised in Perry Iowa. She has also lived in Burlington Iowa and... Read More

A Look At Flossing

November 1, 2018 — Along with brushing your teeth, you should also be flossing on a daily basis. Flossing will remove plaque and debris in areas that your toothbrush isn’t able to reach. A buildup of plaque can lead to gum disease or tooth decay, which is why flossing is very important. If you floss immediately after brushing, you’ll... Read More

Success Story: Colleen T.

November 1, 2018 — Colleen T. admitted to Regency Park for Skilled care after knee replacement surgery. She worked with our therapy department five times a day for three weeks. Colleen had the following the following to say about the therapy department at Regency Park of Jefferson: “The Therapy department is very realistic. Cheryl was really good at working... Read More

Grandma’s Tea

November 1, 2018 — Please join us on November 21st for our annual Grandma’s Tea! We will have tea and snacks. Come enjoy the afternoon with our residents. If you don’t have a Grandma here, you can adopt one for the day. We will start serving at 2 p.m.

Resident Spotlight

November 1, 2018 — Rose H. – Regency Park would like to spotlight Rose H. for November. Rose is a long time resident of Regency Park and has become family to us all. She grew up in Panora and then moved to Scranton where she raised her three children, Rhonda, Randy and Ron. Rose has been very happy with... Read More