Resident Spotlight: Mary Lou

Regency Park would like put a spotlight on Mary Lou S. Mary Lou has been at Regency Park for a year and enjoys the “family like” environment. Mary Lou was born and raised in Rippey and has two brothers. Growing up she always wanted to be a dietician. After high school graduation, Mary Lou was a nurse’s aide at the Greene County Hospital for four weeks. This was during the war so she decided to take a 10 week typing course through a government program. After the 10 weeks, she was sent to Wright Patterson Airbase in Dayton, OH and then to an aircraft lab where she would type reports for the engineers. After the war she returned home and attended ISU so that she could achieve her dream of being a dietician. She worked as a dietician at several different hospitals including Methodist in Des Moines, Evanston, IL. St. Paul, MN, and Cherokee, IA at a mental hospital. She was chosen as President of the Dietician Association of St. Paul. After 39 years working as a dietician she retired back to the family farm where she lived until she fell on ice and came to Regency Park. One of her favorite life events was being able to travel to Europe. The one thing she never did in her life that she wishes she could have, is ride a motorcycle. Her biggest obstacle in life has been being short – she is not even 5’ tall. Mary Lou’s personal philosophy from her life lessons is – “Treat others how you would like to be treated.” We here at Regency Park really enjoy having Mary Lou as part of our family.

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