Resident Spotlight: Phyllis T.

This month’s Resident in the Spotlight is Phyllis T. She lived her whole life in Grand Junction where she also raised all SEVEN of her children. Life was interesting raising 5 boys and 2 girls. Phyllis lived her life to make her kids’ lives the best they could be. Not only was she the mother to her kids’, but half the town of Grand Junction called her “Ma Tuhn”. When asked what is the most important thing you have learned in life she responded “To be nice!”. According to the family – they have never known her to not be nice. She taught everyone around her to be nice. In her younger years and while raising her children, Phyllis worked as a cook at the Corner Café in, of course, Grand Junction. Phyllis now has 12 grandkids and too many great-grandkids to count. Since coming to us, Phyllis said she just loves it here at Regency Park. She has so many people to visit with and all the activities going on. She loves to just sit and watch all the people going up and down the halls – she says “Hi” to everyone that walks by. She also enjoys doing word searches – she says “they keep me out of trouble”. She also likes visiting with her sister Darlene from California. One of the few trips out of Iowa she has made was to visit her brother Delmar in Colorado. That was a great trip with the whole family. We are blessed to have Phyllis with us here at Regency. She smiles all the time and is so friendly to everyone. We just enjoy getting to know her. If you are here – be sure to say Hi to her – we know she will say Hi to you.

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